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We are proudly affiliated with AiYellow. AiYellow is one of the leading companies in marketing online advertising directories. That operates in 30 languages and in over 150 countries, with business offices across all continents.

AiYellow, your gateway to Internet advertising. Your ad online 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


When you search online through various search engines. A list of ads are presented. The position of the ad in the list is called Ranking. The top positions always have a greater advertising impact, achieving a better marketing result. The Ranking of the ads is done exclusively by a system, which rewards how long the ad has been in the system and the advertising investment of our advertisers.

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Reasons to publish an advert with Ai Yellow

  • To purchase and configure the online adverts are quick and simple.
  • Provide the most appropriate marketing strategies for the business.
  • Ai yellow online adverts are optimized to be indexed by the biggest search engines.
  • Get ranked on the 1st/2nd page of google at a fraction of the cost.

Ai Yellow Premium Advert + Plus + VOIP

  • Banner with the Image of your business or product
  • Complete address, phone number and fax
  • Direct link to your website
  • Direct link to the advertisement
  • Map with the business location
  • Emailing button
  • Advertisement Print button
  • Button for sharing the ad with other people
  • Social Networks & Skype
  • 1 extra Big Banner
  • 10 Catalogs - Up to 200 images
  • Up to 250 characters for each image description
  • Up to 5 Videos - Up to 15 minutes each one
  • QR Code
  • More info - You can use up to 500 characters to describe your business or product
  • Testimonials
  • Available Payment Options
  • Ranking of your Ad
  • Visitors Counter
  • Direct VOIP calling feature from customer to advertiser

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